Antiseptic Disinfectant Cleaner ADC1 & Purifier for disinfecting and preventing Corona virus spread

Antiseptic Disinfectant Cleaner ADC1 & Purifier for disinfecting and preventing Corona virus spread

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Our new Antiseptic Disinfectant Cleaner ADC1 & Purifier is supplied as samples with no profit to those needed customers who can justify their lack of resources.

Request us by email the discount code to be entitled to this non profit supply offering.

Our goal is to support society Worldwide in this difficult pandemic scenario to those lacking economical resources and access to disifectants due to confinement.

Our new Antiseptic Disinfectant Cleaner ADC1 & Purifier is ideal for disinfecting 3D prints, including masks, for preventing Corona virus spread. It is a fast, simple and reliable cleansing system for disinfecting 3D prints and any surfaces for avoiding corona virus (COVID-19) propagation. 

Our Antiseptic Disinfectant Cleaner ADC1 and Purifier  contains:

  • 1 container of 5 L containing ADC1 synergistic powder mixture which needs addition of 5 liters of tap water,  which can be further diluted with water 10 times to make 50 liters, while keeping their antiseptic antiviral, anti bacteria and anti microbial properties. Note: it can corrode metals, so avoid cleaning metal surfaces with ADC1 and replace its use by the single use of the Purifier
  • 1 container of 5 L containing the Purifier synergistic powder mixture, which needs addition of 5 liters of tap water,  which can be further diluted with water 5 times to make 25 liters, while keeping their antiseptic antiviral, anti bacteria and anti microbial properties 
  • both are supplied as powders inside each 5 liter containers for minimum shipping weight and maximum shipping safety. Once received, add 5 liters of water to each bottle and shake it by hand up and down with the top until full dissolution (2 minutes mixing is enough)

It is an alcohol free disinfection system, which does not need any alcohol additions for being 100% effective for fighting against corona virus propagation.

Alcohol free Chemical Disinfection process

100% disinfection can be done by immersing or dipping completely the 3D prints or any material (some metals may corrode but the Purifier will remove rust completely) including used masks, inside a flask containing the Antiseptic Disinfectant Cleaner ADC1 for 10 minutes at room temperature. 

Any residual light brown colored left on the prints, surfaces or cleaning cloths can be used as indicator of the reaction and disinfection of ADC1 with either any unreacted resin or monomer, dirt, contaminants, microorganisms, bacteria, and virus (including corona virus COVID-19) and will confirm the full disinfection of any 3D printed materials as well as of any conventional materials, such as plastics, metals, wood, glass, etc.

Any residual light brown color appearing on the prints or surfaces or on any material will disappear by hand rubbing  them with cleaning cloth or by dipping prints or parts for 10 minutes in the Purifier,  since chemically eliminates any residual rust and chemical and biological byproducts left on the surface of any material.

Delicate plastic surfaces such as keyboards, mouses, screens can be attacked and  decoloured by alcohols such as isopropanol. For avoiding it, use the Purifier by itself as supplied once dissolved in the 5 liter container or diluted up to 5 times in water, to make 25 liters in total.

This basic antiseptic and protocol ensures full disinfection of any 3D printed materials, including plastic and cloth masks. Note: use gloves following the maximum safety and cross contamination standards to avoid corona virus spread and propagation.


Our Full Disinfection Protocol for maximum residual monomer and contaminants reduction, safety and blocking virus spread of 3D Printed parts and for safe reusing of used masks:

  1. Only for 3D printed parts. After 3D printing clean prints inside a flask containing our Cleaning Fluid  for 10 minutes in an ultrasonic bath (if available, if not just rinse the prints several times with the Cleaning Fluid) at room temperature and postcure them in a light box (with either 385, 405 nm  or Visible light for 30 minutes) or under the sun at room temperature (avoid temperatures above 60 C to avoid excessive yellowing) 
  2. Dip prints  or used masks inside a flask containing fresh ADC1 once dissolved in water for 10 minutes (note: once its color becomes light brownish in color, please replace it with fresh material. Avoid any contact of ADC1 with glycerine / glycerol to avoid any exothermic oxidation reaction.  
  3. dip prints or used masks in the Purifier once dissolved in water for 10 minutes to remove any residual light brown color resulting from the reaction of ADC1  with any chemicals and biological contaminants, including bacteria, microorganisms and virus.
  4. rinse prints in clean water, as least twice, to eliminate any rest of the Purifier
  5. Avoid any cross-contamination by implementing clean room preventive measures


Disinfection Protocol for 100% safety and general purpose cleansing of plastics, metals, wood, etc... for kiling COVID-19 and avoiding virus spread:

  1. The Purifier can be used directly, without ADC1, as antiseptic to clean and disinfect any surfaces. It will also remove stains from any surfaces
  2. Common public areas and specially common used surfaces such as guard rails, door handles, doors, seats, food packaging plastics, etc need to be cleaned often since they are prone to be touched by people increasing the risk of virus spread 

Read the MSDS (the kit contains corrosive chemicals), use gloves and goggles to avoid any contact with skin and eyes.

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