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Full 3D Printing System

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Our consulting services of Full 3D Printing Systems solutions are ideal for amateur and professional printing since our recommended 3D printer setups and recommendations cover all the basic scientific aspects for printing professionally straight away.

Our value for money full printer set ups recomendations vary in price from 600-1000 Euro upwards and are purchased directly by you from the original suppliers. They include printer, cleaning and postcuring units, heating and light power control and measuring instrumentation.

Benefits and Features of our recommended full 3D printing systems:

  • All in one solution: based on your budget, needs and with our technical recommendations you will choose among SLA laser, DLP or monochrome LCD printers, ideally with temperature and light power control for maximum printing consistency over time.
  • your chosen printer will be directly purchased by you from the original manufacturer or from any of their distributors. We are unbiased since we do not get any benefit or commission for it.
  • our services include special recommendations for selecting the best printer setup for you, technical solutions for customising your chosen printer, instructions and online training for giving you the skills for preventing and resolving any 3D printing problem.
  • selection and recommendation of suitable commercial heating units with easy assembling in your chosen printer for printing our 3Dresyns and even ultrasafe viscous resins (free of toxic monomers)
  • selection and recommendation of suitable commercial power controllers or dimmers for monitoring light power  per unit area availability for printing across the vat
  • supply of detailed scientific instructions provided by the 3Dresyns Team for: 3D printing, cleansing, postcuring and postprocessing: full detail instructions will be available for getting ready, without delay / problems, your optimum printing, cleansing and postcuring conditions. The full set of instructions include the methodology for preventing, delaying, monitoring and compensating the natural light power decay of the printer vs the cumulative operating time, for ensuring consistent performance over time with the minimum maintenance without any printing performance variability over time (required for professional 3D printing and biomedical quality control)
  • online training including technical questions directly related to answer your doubts about 3D printing settings and optimisation of the postcuring and cleansing process which will be answered online 24/7 by phone, by whattsapp or by email
    • recommendation of the best for you 3D printing setup with excellent printability of our broad range of technical 3Dresyns, including specialty viscous resins designed for ultra safe biocompatible systems
    • ideal offering for biomedical and dental certifications since meets all the required quality standards for ensuring maximum biocompatibility and customers safety
    • ideal offering for industrial additive manufacturing since meets all the required quality standards for ensuring maximum performance, reliability and reproducibility

    Choose between our different entry level offers:

    • Amateur system: recommendations, instructions and training for amateur level (20 questions)  
    • Professional system: recommendations, instructions and training for professional level (30 questions) 
    • Biomedical system: recommendations, instructions and training for biomedical level (60 questions) 
    • Customised system: customised recommendations, instructions and training (unlimited questions until project is finished with a maximum 6 months time)

    *Consult us for customised quotations and for your specific performance goals at: