Biocompatible resins for a broad range of applications

Our selection of biocompatible SLA, DLP, LCD & Inkjet 3D resins for a broad range of biomedical applications.

Note: this range of biocompatible 3Dresyns does not have any toxic labels, but may have some warning pictograms and some, non toxic, Hazards phrases such as: may cause skin irritation (H315) and/or may cause an allergic skin reaction (H317) which can be easily prevented with the use of gloves and goggles. Some of them may be toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects (H411) as most dishwashing liquids.

They have been designed to provide safe handling to printers and to final users of biomedical devices.

In order to maximise biocompatibility by eliminating any residual unreacted monomer left in the prints, it is recommended to clean prints with our cleansing and post processing additives:

for ultra safe finishes and for 100% pass cytoxicity test! 

Note: a minimum of 30 minutes light postcuring in a light box is recommended, ideally dipping prints in our Cleaning Fluid under light!