Ceramic 3Dresyn CDP HCCS Yttria stabilised Zirconia

  • 600.00 €

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Ceramic 3Dresyn CDP HCCS Yttria stabilised Zirconia has these features and benefits:

    • excellent flow of  High Ceramic Concentration Slurry of 3% molar Yttria stabilised Zirconia
    • very high resolution 3D printing for very high detail and resolution applications
    • high print quality and speed with curing wavelengths up to 410 nm and higher upon request
    • controlled and reproducible process shrinkage
    • minimum expansion coefficient and wide temperature interval of debinding to prevent micro-fractures
    • very high resolution of 20 microns of final products
    • low shrinkage
    • printable by SLA DLP 3D printers with at least 3 mW/cm2
    • increased durability of the resin tank
    • organo-tin Hardness
    • Final sintering temperature 1450C 
    • Final density of 3D printed clear glass 6.05 g/cc
Properties of sintered material
    • Vickers Hardness (HV03): >1200
    • Flexural strength (MPa)>1000 MPa
    • Fracture toughness K1C 5 MPa.m1/2

* Our 3Dresyns have been designed to print in a broad range of printer settings. Nevertheless, our Print Quality Fine Tuner FT1 is recommended to fine tune our 3Dresyns to your specific printer settings, including faster or slower curing or exposure time and lower or higher layer thickness. For more info click here.

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