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ESD 3Dresyns

Electrostatic Discharge ESD safe resins and additives
This is our selection of ESD compliant and safe 3D resins and additives* for protecting 3D printed materials against premature failure or damage due to electrostatic discharge in a variety of 3D printed applications such as automotive, aerospace, electronic and electrical packaging and equipment and other plastics applications. 
Our 3Dresyns ESD are "plug & play" fine tuned and exhibit excellent resolution with the Form 2 in open mode using Formlabs original settings of Clear version 2 and in the Form 3*  using Standard Clear or Grey settings with the universal cartridge system of ProtoART"
*Note:: Some ESD 3Dresyns may need tuning with our Fine tuner FT1 and LB1 Bio to print them in specific printing specifications, such as specific z layers. Resistivity values between 109 and 1012 ohms per square can be reached subject to printer specifications.