3Dresyn IJ OD Clear R for printing hard rubber thin mouth guards, IBTs and retainers

  • 199.00 €

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Dental 3Dresyn IJ OD Clear R "Rubber" Clear has these features and benefits:
  • printable with most commercial and professional Inkjet 3D printers
    • Stratasys: Objet Eden 260V, 260VS, 333, 350, 350V, 500, 500V, 1000 Plus, J750, Objet Connex 260, 350 and 500 series
    • 3D Systems: ProJet MJP 2500, 2500+, 3500, 3510 and 3600 Plastic series
  • ideal for printing rubber like, medium hard thin mouth guards, duplication molds, bruxism splints/night guards, positioners, bleaching splints, soft-hard contention appliance retainers and Indirect Bonding Trays IBTs for locating accurately orthodontic brackets
  • Medium hard rubber like material
    • Shore hardness A80-90 
  • clear transparent
  • excellent resilience and impact resistance/protection for contact sports
  • very low viscosity <20 mPas at 70C
  • low water absorption
  • durable
  • very high resolution
  • very low shrinkage <1%
  • organo-tin free

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