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Online 3D Assistance services

After placing you order you will receive our basic guidelines for optimising the printing settings of our 3Dresyns in your existing SLA, DLP or LCD printer at your chosen z layer thickness. They are detailed enough for ensuring that you optimise your printing settings (exposure times for your chosen z layer thickness) without any issues. The first 3 questions related to optimisation of the printing settings, postcuring and cleansing process will be offered for free.

If you still need further assistance, please order our online support tickets of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 technical questions directly related to fine tuning, optimisation of printing settings, postcuring and cleansing process, which will be answered online 24/7  by whattsapp or by email.

If you are fighting with your existing printer in a "black box" approach and feel that you need more control and understanding of the fundamental 3D printing variables affecting the performance, reliability and reproducibility of your printing works or in case that you do not have a printer yet or need a new one and do not know yet which printer to buy? Then. consider ordering our consulting and training services for recommending the right 3D Printing System for your specific needs and goals, which include all the required instrumentation, tools, materials, instructions and training for professional 3D printing.

Consult our already online 3D printing Guidelines and instructions for use.

If you want to design your own 3D resin then click on this link: Design your own 3Dresyn

If you need ready to print customised 3Dresyns to meet specific performance properties then click on this link: Customisation & Toll Manufacturing services

ONLINE SUPPORT: Order tickets for online support/Assistance by clicking on the Tickets icon below.

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