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Reinforced composites

Our selection of natural based Composite Concentrates for improving the physical and mechanical properties of our 3Dresyns.

Our Reinforced Composite Concentrates have 3 versions*:

  • Lipophilic LP version with HLB: < 7.5 (Ultra Low Water Absorption ULWA grades)
  • Medium Hydrophilicity MHP version with HLB: 7.5-12
  • High Hydrophilicity HHP version with HLB: >12

*Note: the main difference between the versions is the Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Balance (HLB)

Please remember to indicate your chosen version in your order, by defect the Liphophillic grade LP is supplied!

Note: HLB value of 0 corresponds to a completely hydrophobic molecule and a value of 20 would correspond to a molecule made up completely of hydrophilic components.