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3Dresyn OD FDB Flexible Denture Base in natural gingiva color

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3Dresyn OD FDB Flexible Denture Base in Gingiva color has these features and benefits:

  • ideal for printing durable flexible partial removable dentures in natural gingiva color
  • similar to Nylon 12 in performance properties but without bacteria and fungus accumulation
  • 100% biocompatible
  • ultra pure and safe, non cytotoxic
  • designed for printing it at: 20-30ºC
  • choose LV version for a relatively Low Viscosity for printing without heated printers or below 25ºC
  • choose HV version for relatively High Viscosity version for printing with heated printers or above 25ºC, for overall improved durability  and mechanical properties
    • tough and rigid: ideal for <2.5 mm thickness
    • Shore hardness D60-70 range
    • <10% stress relaxation after 1 week at 2, 10 and 20 MPa initial stress 
    • flexural strength >30 MPa and up to 80 MPa with the optimum printing and postcuring process*
    • elongation <30%
    • high impact and shattering resistance (Notched Izod <70 J/m)
    • tensile strength >30 MPa
    • medium rigidity (Young modulus 1000-1800 MPa)
    • durable, non yellowing
    • high resolution up to 20 micron
    • very low shrinkage
    • organo tin free
    • increased durability of the resin tank
    • water solubility: ≤ 1,6 µg/mm3
    • hydrophobic, ultra low water sorption ULWA≤ 32 µg/mm3
    • residual monomer <0.1%
    • fully compliant with the Quality requirements of ISO 20795-1 and ISO 10993-1
    • printable by SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers even at low room temperature <20ºC
    • Viscosity plot for HV version:
      • Viscosity at 10ºC:  35.000-39.000 cps, printable with high peel force
      • Viscosity at 15ºC:  20.000-21.000 cps, printable with some peel force
      • Viscosity at 20ºC:  15.000-16.000 cps, printable 
      • Viscosity at 25ºC:  8.000-9.000 cps, printable
      • Viscosity at 30ºC:  5.500-7.000 cps, printable 
      • Viscosity at 40ºC:  1.500-2000 cps, printable
      • Viscosity at 50ºC:  1000 cps, printable