Dental 3Dresyns

Our SLA, DLP & LCD 3Dresyns for printing Orthodontics and Dental devices with SLA, DLP & LCD printers are shown in the icons below.

FYI: We have developed a range of Water soluble sacrificial resins for cost effective 3D printing of water soluble sacrificial molds for injection of traditional dental materials, which can be easily injected by gravity or under pressure with standard injection units. Examples of dental materials which can be injected in our water soluble 3D printed molds:

  • thermoplastic polyurethanes for making aligners with the benefit of reducing production costs (laser cutting is not required)
  • nylon (polyamide 12) for making partial flexible dentures
  • PMMA for making rigid denture bases
  • etc,...

If you are interested in dental 3D resins for inkjet printers, please click on this link:

Discover more in this link about our Orthodontics and Dental 3Dresyns