Collections of our SLA, DLP, LCD & Inkjet 3D resins

About our facilities


Our new state of the art facilities have been designed and built for making high quallity functional and biocompatible 3D resins for SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3D printing for modelling, prototyping and end use production for domestic consumers, professional, industrial and biomedical applications.

Our laboratory and manufacturing facilities are fully equiped for designing and manufacturing innovative technical resins for 3D printing technologies, including specialty lithographic and SLA, DLP, LCD and inkjet 3D printing and related 2D/3D resin systems.

Our headquarters, main offices, laboratories and factories are located in the north of Spain. 

  • Company name: Resyner Technologies S.L.
  • Registered brand names: 3Dresyns and Resyner Technologies
  • Registred VAT number: ES B 66858788

Our facilities follow bioclimatic principles and are integrated in beautiful "green" surroundings, with traditional design architecture and with modern equipment and instrumentation.

Our new site has 1500 m2 of space for office, lab and production in a total land surface of 15.000 m2 and has been built with high quality traditional building materials with the idea of resembling the traditional local architecture  and ensure its integration in the beautiful landscape of the North of Spain.