Coloring 3Dresyns

Our 3Dresyns have been designed to print succesfully with a broad range of colors, including all our basic, special and custom colors, including all RAL or NCS colors.

Our 3Dresyns are supplied as "coloring bases " (without pigment/colorant) in bottles of 250, 500 and 1000 mL with a color dispenser (dropper) containing the chosen color and a measuring flask to help you to measure the volumen of 3Dresyn used during coloring.

Our coloring bases are translucent and have higher viscosity, but still good flow, than our "Clear" versions to keep pigments in suspension for long time.  

We also supply empty black bottles  of 250 mL  to mix, keep and protect the colored 3Dresyns from room and day light.

    Our color dispensers (droppers) are recommended to color our 3Dresyns coloring bases to your required color density/strength and printer settings, including high and low light powers, short and long curing or exposure time and low and high layer thickness.
    Depending on your printer especifications, such as light power, lower or higher color strength can be achieved, since pigments tend to absorb light. The higher the light power, exposure time of your printer settings the higher color density can be printed.
    Our Print Quality Fine Tuners are recommended to improve the printability of our colored 3Dresyns.
    Coloring is an easy and direct process

    Step 1: Select your layer thickness, tipically between 10-100 microns.

    Step 2: Select your print settings, curing or exposure time if possible, supports density and point size.

    Step 3: Add a ratio of 10 drops of your chosen color per 100 mL of 3Dresyn and mix it.

    Note: a drop is equivalent to approximately 0.04 mL  in our dispenser/dropper (25 drops are equivalent approximately to 1 mL).   

    Step 4: Print

    Step 5: Evaluate the quality of your colored print.

    Option 1: If you are fully satisfied with the quality but feel you want to increase the color density of your print you can add more color to the already colored 3Dresyn by steps. For example you can 10 drops more of color, then mix and print it again. This process can be repeated until failure occurs because of excessive light filtering at excessive color density. 

    Option 2: If you are not fully satisfied with the quality and/or color density of your print it is necessary to fine tune our colored 3Dresyn and/or your printing settings.

    In this case, firstly, we recommend that 0.1-0,2 mL of our Print Quality Fine Tuner FT1 or FT2 is added per 100 mL of colored 3Dresyn. The mixture should be shaken gently before printing. If the print improves significantly but requieres further improvement, a further dosage of Fine Tuner FT1 can be added.

    Separation of the print from the supports during printing colored 3Dresyns is usually due to under curing of the resin, because of light filtering by the colorant (not leaving enough light available for curing the resin). This can be overcome either by increasing the dosage of Fine Tuner FT1 or FT2, the light power, the exposure time or by decreasing the color density.

    Following this methodology you can easily evaluate the optimum for your specific printing settings.

    Once the optimum is known, record and use it for the next prints.

    We hope you get the best results from our colored 3Dresyns!

    Enjoy 3D printing with our 3Dresyns!