Compatibility of Ceramic 3Dresyns with SLA DLP 3D printers

Compatibility of Ceramic 3Dresyns with SLA & DLP  3D printers

Our Ceramic 3Dresyns are compatible with SLA, DLP 3D printers and have been formulated to print with layer thickness between 20-30 microns and light wavelengths up to 410 nm, including blue lasers and LEDs at 405 nm. Nevertheless, to adjust the print quality to your specific printier settings it is necessary to use our Fine Tuner additives.

To achieve optimum final performance properties of 100% sintered ceramics, the use of technical ceramics with specific micron or submicron particle sizes is recommended, this ensures excellent maximum densities and mechanical properties without microporosity of final technical ceramics products.

    Our ceramic 3Dresyns have been designed to print slurries up to 40-50% ceramic volume concentrations.

    To obtain good quality prints with high ceramic content resin slurries fine tuning is necessary.




    We hope you get the best results from our Ceramic 3Dresyns!

    Enjoy 3D printing with Ceramic 3Dresyns!