Instructions for Use "IFU" of our water soluble 3D resins

These instructions can be used for keeping and cleansing our water soluble 3D resins for printing sacrficial molds and other high tech applications.

1. Printing

Our water soluble 3Dresyns are photopolymer or light-curing resins which have been designed for SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet printers working with lights from 200 to 420 nm, including wavelengths at 385 and 405 nm.

The following tuning instructions will ensure that our 3Dresyns print with maximum resolution and detail in your specific printer and print settings: 

Water soluble 3D resins due to their hydrophillic nature absorb air moisture if left for some time exposed to air. It is ideal to work in a controlled low moisture air environment. If air moisture cannot be controlled it is crucial to close the caps of the bottles containingg water soluble resins and ensure that they are not left  overnight in the vats to prevent water absorption from the air. Before printing it is recommended to warm the resins at 60ºC for 1 hour in the dark in a open container to evaporate any traces of air moisture absorbed in the resin. Excessive moisture in the resin may decrease resolution due to disolution and gel formation on the surface of prints.

2. Processing

General Information

The final physical and mechanical properties, as well as the printing resolution of water soluble 3D printed materials depend, among other things, on the printer specifications and printing settings, such as wavelength, power, exposure time, air moisture, cleansing protocol (chemicals used for cleansing, cleansing time, etc) and  light post-processing or post curing (moisture in the air, wavelength, power, post curing time, temperature, etc).

Control of printing and post processing conditions is crucial for getting maximum performance properties and resolution. Therefore, it must be ensured that the light curing unit is in good condition: protocols for light power monitoring are required for professional printing. Temperature control of the light box is highly recommended as the one recommended in this link:

3D print cleaning process: Cleaning water soluble 3D prints.

Water soluble 3D prints can be cleaned and post cured in few steps:

  • step 1: optional but recommended: remove any uncured resin from the prints surface with high pressure air with at least 10 bars (the higher the better). If the air compressor has not a moisture filter, the air can plasticise and dissolve the surface of the prints provoking the loss of fine details. If this is the case do not use pressure air and start cleansing prints directly with step 2.
  • step 2: remove any uncured resin from the prints surface with our Cleaning Fluid WS2. Rinse the prints inside a glass filled up with our Cleaning Fluid WS2 and use a clean brush to remove any uncured resin from the prints.
  • step 3: light post curing in a light box by dipping the cleaned prints in a glass filled with clean “fresh” Cleaning Fluid WS2. Light postcuring times: 
    • 5-10 minutes* is normally enough for getting a dry surface
    • 20 minutes* will increase the rigidity of prints (recommended)
    • 60 minutes* will increase the rigidity of prints to its maximum but certain brittleness will appear due to excessive light post curing
  • step 4: cut supports of the prints when their surface is dry enough (non sticky) normally after 20 minutes light box post curing. Then, remove the rests of Cleaning Fluid WS2 from the surface with a clean fibre free cloth or with moisture free air pressure. If prints still have some residual stickiness they can be post cured exposed to air on any suitable clean non sticky surface such as silicone,  inside the light box until their surface is fully dry.


  • post curing times are relative and depend on the specific light box used
  • light post curing is recommended for ensuring that the prints are cured and their surface is fully dry
  • light post curing temperature: from room temperature to a maximum temperature below 70ºC
  • light post-curing of the cleaned prints can be done in a clear glass container (avoid plastics since Cleaning Fluid WS2 can dissolve some plastics) filled with our Cleaning Fluid WS2 to avoid contact with air moisture
  • air moisture trapped in the liquid resin can decrease resolution of prints left in the resin tank for long times. It is recommended to warm the resin to 60ºC in the dark before printing to eliminate traces of air moisture trapped if the resin has been left open without the cap in the bottle or on the resin tank for long times. Avoid leaving the resin in the vat after printing to avoid moisture absorption

Consult us about your specific performance goals and make your selection of 4 Clear Sacrificial Injection Molding 3Dresyns. Please email us at:

* Our 3Dresyns have been designed to print in a broad range of printer settings. Nevertheless, our Print Quality Fine Tuners are recommended to fine tune our 3Dresyns to your specific printer settings. For more info click here.