3Dresyns IM

3Dresyns IM are 3D resins designed for making injection molds IM with very high resolution (20 microns) for molding wax and other low and medium melting temperature plastic materials


  • broad range of physical properties: from ultra hard and tough to flexible and elastic grades
  • formulated for easy demolding
  • more versatile, faster and more cost effective in short series production than aluminum mold making
  • high resolution up to 20 microns
  • allows easy and fast mold design modifications
  • bio-based versions available
  • thermostable, very high temperature resistant degrading without melting
  • Ideal for short run molding of thermoplastics
  • printable by most commercial and professional SLA/DLP 3D printers
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free

Mold selection

Mold hardness or softness becomes an important variable to take into account when considering which physical properties you should choose for making a mold.

The key is "how easily will you be able to extract your castings from the 3D printed mold and its expected durability".

For example, one would not chose a too hard mold for castings of a delicate and intricate model because it would not offer enough flexibility to extract the model without breaking it. A better choice would be a softer mold which would offer enough flexibility to easily extract the model.

Harder molds are recommended for extended mold durability and for no too delicate and intricate castings, which do not require so much flexibility from the mold to extract the castings.

3Dresyn IM

3Dresyn IM-UHT

3Dresyn IM-UHF

3Dresyn IM-HF

3Dresyn IM-F

 3Dresyn IM-SF

3Dresyn IM-E