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Silicone like SLA, DLP & LCD 3Dresyn Soft SR

3Dresyn Soft SR has these features and benefits:

    • similar touch and resilience to conventional soft silicone rubber
    • softer version than 3Dresyn Hard SR 
    • blendable with 3Dresyn Hard SR to to get specific Shore hardness
    • 100% foldable without breaking
    • synthetic resin source
    • Shore Hardness A30
    • medium tensile strength, <2 MPa
    • medium soft with certain flexibility (Young modulus <5 MPa)
    • elongation at yield >80%
    • durable
    • low viscosity
    • very high resolution (printing resolution of less than 20 microns)
    • very low shrinkage
    • printable by most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
    • organo-tin free

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