Synthesis and customisation services of 2D & 3D resins and polymers

Customisation synthesis of 2D & 3D polymer resin systems

Do you need us to synthesise a new 2D & 3D resin and/or polymer system?

3Dresyns can help you to achieve your next challenge!

The 3Dresyns Team has a strong scientific background in polymer synthesis, material analysis and characterisation, thermal & photo catalysis, photochemistry, bio-based and biocompatible and biodegradable polymer & resin design and synthesis.

3Dresyns will find solutions to your unmet needs bringing our know-how, experience, facilities and polymer synthesis and applications expertise to help you solve your specific project goals.

3Dresyns innovative synthetic solutions:

  • synthesis of on-demand biobased and biocompatible polymers possessing specific functional performance properties.
  • synthesis of durable and recyclable bio plastics


1: understanding and analysis of your existing needs and goals

2: design of a project proposal

3: discussion and revision

4: validation and approval of the project proposal 

    Our products and services provide solutions to existing unmet market needs of the 2D and 3D polymer industry

    We provide a wide range of products resulted of our experience in polymer science. Our advantages: technology, competitive prices, renewable source materials and greener processes

    Biobased polymers backbones and building blocks synthesis

    We can synthesise a wide range of added value backbones and building blocks for synthesising custom bio polymers and bio resins, made from renewable resources, which are produced using proprietary innovative technological processes. Our products can be designed  in a wide range of molecular weights, functionalities and morphological structures to meet your application and process needs.


    • biocompatible, environmentally and user friendly/safe
    • superior mechanical properties and excellent performance over a wide range of response conditions
    • customised reactivity & functionality
    • superior chemical stability for durable systems
    • superior biodegradability for temporary systems


    Our custom designed bio backbones and building blocks are especially beneficial when used for superior performance and functionality, such as high relience and high impact resistance properties of even tough and rigid grades thanks to our new "resilient and tough" segment elastomers. Their functional groups react selectively with affinic functional groups with maximum process control and are designed for a broad range of high added value functional applications including engineering, biomedical materials, dental, etc.

    Please feel free to contact us to consult about our synthesis, analytical and characterisation services, and your specific performance goals at: