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3D-ADD AgEK1, biocompatible electrically conductive nano Silver 3D paste additive

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3D-ADD AgEK1 is our biocompatible Electrically Conductive nano Silver additive for 3D printing high conductivity materials for electronics e.g. antennas for IoT applications (HF, UHF), RFID and NFC tags, OLED, OPVs, flexible PCBs, flexible cables, etc...
It is a nano Silver paste which provides high conductivity to our 3Dresyns, after post curing them at relatively low curing temperatures.
Typical values of 3D-ADD AgEK1:
  • Curing T=120ºC (the higher the sintering temperature the lower the resistivity) for 10 minutes when used in dip coatings 
  • Conductivity: >2×10+6  S/m when used pure or in dip coatings
  • Resistivity will increase proportionally to its dilution in 3D resins up to 10+1-10+13 Ω·m* or lower*
  • Conductivity will decrease proportionally to its dilution in 3D resins down to 10−1 -10+6 S/m or higher*
  • Blends of 3D-ADD AgEK1/3Dresyn SEK1 or 3Dresyn NSEK1 at 50/50 ratio by weight applied at <30 microns thickness, provide these typical conductivity values* before and after thermal treatment of printed parts at 140ºC for 30 minutes:
    • Sheet resistance <800 kΩ/square//<400 mΩ/square before//after thermal treatment
    • Conductivity 100-200 mS/m//1000-2000 KS/m  before//after thermal treatment
    • Resistivity 10 Ω·m//1 micro Ω·m  before//after thermal treatment

      Features of 3D-ADD AgEK1*:

      • high nano Silver content (>60%)
      • silver green brown color
      • viscosity paste <20.000 cps at 20ºC
      • biocompatible, pictograms and hazards free
      • excellent compatibility with most SLA DLP and LCD 3Dresins
      • excellent conductivity with our conductive binders: 3Dresyn SEK1 and 3Dresyn NSEK1
        • dosage of 3D ADD AgEK1 can be adjusted as you wish
        • dosage over >30-50% are recommended
      • excellent conductivity >2×10+6  S/m when used pure or diluted with our Conductive Thinner CT1 (included and supplied with 3D-ADD AgEK1) by dip coatings
      • ideal for dipping 3D prints in 3D-ADD AgEK1 diluted in Conductive Thinner CT1 for cost effectiveness since 3D-ADD AgEK1 will be on the surface of the 3D printed device.
      • adjust the viscosity of 3D-ADD AgEK1 with our Conductive Thinner CT1 to control the rheology and the thickness of the 3D-ADD AgEK1 as you wish when dipping the 3D printed parts inside it
      • 3D-ADD AgEK1 has excellent adhesion on the surface of most 3Dresyns
      • low curing T=120ºC for 10 minutes when used in dip coatings
      • Drying method Convection oven or IR heating
      • ideal for printing water soluble mandrels for Electroforming for replacing the expensive multi step prior electrodeposition / electroplating

      3D-ADD AgEK1 is supplied as a kit, which contains 3D-ADD AgEK1 and Conductive Thinner 3D-ADD CT1, one graduated beaker to measure exactly the minimum volume of 3Dresyns needed for conductivity and viscosity tuning when used as dip coating and one empty 250 mL black bottle to mix, keep and protect conductive 3D resins from day light. Please do not expose 3Dresyns  to direct natural or artificial room  light to prevent curing.

      *Note: conductivity of 3D printed parts will depend on several variables, such as % 3D-ADD AgEK1, the specific 3D resin used, dosage of Fine Tuner FT1 and LB1 Bio and the curing cycle used. LCD 3D printers may exhibit printability limitations at high dosage of 3D-ADD AgEK1, due to their low light power . It is highly recommended to apply 3D-ADD AgEK1 to our 3Dresyn SEK1  and/or NSEK1 or by dipping 3D printed parts diluted as you wish with our Conductive Thinner CT1

      IMPORTANT: The product if stored at room temperature (<25˚C) has a shelf life of 6 months.  If stored well sealed at 4ºC in a fridge its shelf life can be extended longer. 3Dresyns cannot assume responsibility for a conductive product that has not been stored in appropriate conditions. Orders will be made to order to maximise the shelf life of the product. Its delivery time is around 2 weeks after ordering.