3D-ADD ESDA, ESD additive

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3D-ADD ESDA is our ultra safe ESD Additive for making ESD compliant 3D resins.

Its addition, at small dosage, to any of our 3Dresyns is ideal for protecting 3D printed materials against premature failure or damage due to electrostatic discharge in a variety of 3D printed applications such as automotive, aerospace, electronic, electrical packaging, equipment and other plastics applications. 

3D-ADD ESDA has these features and benefits:

  • ultra effective: additions of 0.5-1.5 % are enough for ESD compliance:
    • resistivity values between 109 and 1012 ohms per square
  • available in 2 colors: black and dark grey
  • ultra safe and biocompatible: pictograms free
  • eco friendly and biodegradable
  • compatible with all our SLA, DLP & LCD 3Dresyns
  • organo-tin free

3D-ADD ESDA is supplied as a kit, which contains 1 dispenser (dropper) with 10 mL of 3D-ADD ESDA, 1 measuring flask to measure exactly the volume of 3Dresyns and 1 empty 250 mL black bottle to mix, keep and protect fine tuned liquid 3Dresyns from day light. Please do not expose 3Dresyns  to direct natural or artificial room  light to prevent curing.