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3Dresyn AgSEK2, electrically conductive clear water soluble nano Silver 3D resin

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3Dresyn AgSEK2 is our electrically conductive clear water soluble nano Silver 3D resin for 3D printing high conductivity materials for electronics e.g. transparent electrodes for touch screens, PV, OLED devices and displays. Low cost alternative to TCO.  Other applications: sensors, heaters, lighting, security, photovoltaic cells.

Typical values of 3Dresyn AgSEK2 Clear:
  • high clarity and transparency at thin applications (>90% at 450-800 nm)
  • S grade: water Soluble
  • Conductivity: 2.5-2.6  S/m
  • Resistivity 380-390 milli Ohm.m
  • Sheet resistance 1.9-2.1 kiloOhm/square

      Features of 3Dresyn AgSEK2 Clear*:

      • contains Silver(c. 2%)
      • light silver color at thick applications
      • ultra hard and tough UHT, Shore Hardness D80-85
      • tack free finishes after light box postcuring
      • tensile strength <40 MPa
      • Young modulus >2200 MPa
      • flexural strength <30 MPA
      • elongation <7%
      • printable with most SLA, DLP & LCD printers
      • 3Dresyn AgSEK2 due to its water solubility will swell and/or dissolve in water after printing
      • water solubility and water resistance can be custom adjusted with our Clear Non Soluble Electrically Conductive 3Dresyn AgNSEK2
      • 3Dresyn AgSEK2 (water soluble) and 3Dresyn AgNSEK2 (non water soluble) can be blended to adjust water resistance and solubility as you wish
      • water resistance can be custom  increased with 1-15% 3Dresyn XL1
      • ideal for printing water soluble mandrels for Electroforming for replacing the expensive multi step prior electrodeposition / electroplating
      • mix 3Dresyn AgSEK2 well gently with a rotational mixer at less than 500 rpm or in an ultrasonic bath without heating for <5-10 minutes until full mixing of the silver (avoid excessive energy to prevent any gelation)

      *Note: conductivity of 3D printed parts will depend on several variables, such as the dosage of Fine Tuner FT1 and LB1 Bio. Conductive products due to their high engineering complexity require the usage of open mode SLA, DLP & LCD printers and skillful users since conductive materials may require fine tuning to different printing and printer specifications

      IMPORTANT: The product if stored at room temperature (<25˚C) has a shelf life of 6 months.  If stored well sealed at 4ºC in a fridge its shelf life can be extended longer. 3Dresyns cannot assume responsibility for a conductive product that has not been stored in appropriate conditions. Orders will be made to order to maximise the shelf life of the product. Its delivery time is around 2 weeks after ordering.