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3Dresyn IJ Wax Support SX00

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3Dresyn IJ Wax Support SX00 has these features and benefits:

  • easy and fast removal in isopropanol IPA at 37ºC
  • melting and solidification temperature 60ºC
  • ideal universal wax support printable by most commercial and professional photopolymer and wax inkjet 3D printers
    • 3D Systems: ProJet MJP 2500, 2500+, 2500W, 3500, 3510 and 3600W Wax & Plastic series
  • 100% biocompatible, ultra safe with to risk phrases
  • excellent support which provides excellent dimensional stability and resolution
  • very low viscosity <15 mPas at 90ºC
  • organo-tin free

        * Our 3Dresyns have been designed to print in a broad range of printer settings. Nevertheless, our Print Quality Fine Tuners are recommended to fine tune our 3Dresyns to your specific printer settings. For more info click here.