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3Dresyn PEDOTEK1 Bio, electrically conductive biocompatible hydrogel 3D resin based on PEDOT:PSS

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:3Dresyn PEDOTEK1 Bio is our electrically conductive biocompatible hydrogel 3D resin based on PEDOT:PSS for 3D printing high conductivity materials for electronics e.g. antennas for IoT applications (HF, UHF), RFID and NFC tags, OLED, OPVs, flexible PCBs, flexible cables, etc...

    Features of 3Dresyn PEDOTEK1 Bio:

    • black colored biocompatible conductive 3D resin which can be printed as supplied without the need of adding any conductive additives
    • Sheet resistance <100.000 Ohm/square at 300 microns thickness after water evaporation
    • Conductivity: >0.05 S/m at 300 microns thickness after water evaporation
    • Resistivity <20 Ohm.m at 300 microns thickness after water evaporation
    • conductive hydrogel 3D resin containing c. 40% water
    • easy and fast water cleaning / washing of 3D prints and resin tanks (vats)
    • 100% biocompatible
    • medium tensile strength <20 MPa
    • medium hardness and rigidity
    • elongation <20%
    • low viscosity, <200 cps
    • before or after printing water can be evaporated by heating until 40% water is evaporated
    • up to 40% predictable shrinkage can occur once water is fully evaporated
    • non water soluble material after 3D printed
    • safe as supplied as liquid photoreactive 3D resin (only H411 pictogram: toxic to aquatic life similarly to most washing up liquids) and exhibits improved biocompatiblity after fully cured and cleansed
    • printable by most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
    • increased durability of the resin tank
    • organo-tin free
    • tuning of printing speed and resoluton needs to be dome with the help our our Fine Tuners
    • instructions for use IFU can be requested after ordering