3Dresyn RCC1 Reinforced Composite Concentrate for improving the mechanical properties and the thermal and acoustic insulation of 3Dresyns

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3Dresyn RCC1 has these features and benefits:

  • excellent Reinforced Composite Concentrate, supplied as a paste at high concentration of safe and natural based reinforcing fibers
  • it can be added to any 3Dresyn to improve their physical and mechanical properties*:
    • increased thermal and acoustic insulation
    • tensile strength increases up to 30%
    • yield strength increases up to 15% 
    • elasticity modulus increases up to 50%
    • elongation % decreases up to 50% or higher at very high dosage over 30% by weight 
  • Mohs hardness: 5-6 
  • eco friendly and ultra safe, based on natural raw materials
  • non hazardous, free of hazards, pictograms and risk phrases
  • stable free flowing whitish paste / slurry
  • easy to add and mix in any 3Dresyn 
  • minor whitening effect 
  • organo-tin free
  • additions of 20-30% by weight are recommended to preserve printability in most SLA, DLP & LCD printers and provide significant mechanical properties improvement of  reinforced composite 3D printed materials

     Note: the effect of 3Dresyn RCC1 on the mechanical properties will depend on the original properties of the chosen 3Dresyn and the dosage of 3Dresyn RCC1 used. Step addtions are recommended to get the optimum and desired overall properties balance for each reinforced composite system.