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3Dresyn RIC-HFA90 Bio, Biocompatible Hard & Flexible material with Shore A90 for Resin Injection and Casting

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3Dresyn RIC-HFA90 Bio has these features and benefits:

  • ideal hard & flexible material for resin injection and casting
  • hard & flexible without breaking at low thickness
  • rigid with superior shattering resistance at high thickness
  • 100% biocompatible and Monomer Free
  • ultrasafe and toxic pictograms free
  • non yellowing
  • excellent balance of high relative flexural strength and low flexural modulus
  • flexural strength <20 MPa
  • tensile strength <10 MPa
  • Young modulus <30 MPa
  • Shore A90 or D40
  • high viscous non flowing resin at room temperature. Typical viscosity:
    • 40.000 cps at 10ºC viscous non flowing
    • 35.000 cps at 15ºC
    • 25.000 cps at 20ºC medium flow
    • 13.000 cps at 30ºC good flow
    • 4.400 cps at 40ºC
    • 3.000 cps at 50ºC
    • 2000 cps at 60ºC
    • <1000 cps at 70ºC
  • bio and synthetic resin source
  • elongation 50-70%
  • properties similar to soft rubber with Shore A90
  • durable
  • very high resolution
  • very low shrinkage
  • organo-tin free
  • significant rigidity refinement can be done with our Hardness Adjusters* 3Dresyn SA1 HV Bio and 3Dresyn HA1 HV MF Bio
  • detailed rigidity refinement can be done with our Hardness Adjusters* 3Dresyn SA2 LV Bio and 3Dresyn HA2 LV Bio
  • curable with light with Fine Tuners FT additives, photo accelerants for increasing the printing speed and/or
  • curable with by heat with Fine Tuner TA1, our general purpose fast "Thermal Accelerant" for thermally curing our 3Dresyns