3Dresyn ROC1 Radio Opaque Concentrate Bio for printing radio opaque biocompatible devices

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3Dresyn ROC1 Radio Opaque Concentrate Bio has these features and benefits:

  • high viscous biocompatible radio opaque ceramic paste ideal for printing radio opaque devices for X ray and CT or CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography)
  • ideal for increasing the radio opacity of any 3Dresyns, without affecting significantly their original mechanical properties
  • imparts excellent radio opacity and contrast to any of our 3Dresyns once mixed at 35/65 ratio ROC1/3Dresyn ratio by weight  
  • 100% biocompatible, without any risk pictograms
  • radio opaque composite concentrate resin for improved radio opacity and definition for checking the alignment of implants and dentures and other applications where radio opacity is required
  • transition metal free and non radioactive
  • very low shrinkage
  • printable by most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers once mixed with any of our 3Dresyns 
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free