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3Dresyn USF Bio D Ultra Safe & Fast biodegradable monomer free resin

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3Dresyn USF Bio D is a Ultra Safe & Fast Bio Degradable "monomer free" 3D resin for proof of concept printing. 

3Dresyns basic resin for ultra safe & fast biodegradable model printing. It has been designed to print ultra fast, in less than 1-2 second per layer, on any SLA DLP & LCD printer* with good results in terms of definition. It is our very simple, low cost monomer free resin to prove that your design concepts look OK, its ultra fast printing speed and low cost allows you to make fast changes in your conceptual design before moving to the next stage in your development and printing it with a resin that better suits the desired mechanical properties for your design.
It is simple, cheap, degradable and offered with no thrills - it is only available in a single size for the supply to you (1000 grams), and one bio natural color (red). The color changes to clear as its exposed to UV light.
3Dresyn USF Bio D has these features and benefits:
  • natural bio red color which become clear after curing
  • fast printability: < 1-2 second per layer
  • Shore hardness D70
  • monomer free, ultra safe handling
  • odorless
  • hard, with minor flexibility
  • biodegradable
  • extreme low shrinkage <2%
  • medium tensile strength 25-35 MPa
  • elongation <5%
  • very high resolution
  • printable by most commercial and professional SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free