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3Dresyn VAM SSA1 is our Swellable Super Absorbent and Ultra Elastic Hydrogel resin

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3Dresyn VAM SSA1* has these features and benefits:

  • recommended for printing water and alcohol swellable super absorbent Hydrogel 3D materials
  • ideal for making very soft gels or jellies ultra elastic Hydrogel materials with Shore O30, which cannot be directly 3D printed due to their excessive softness and resilience
  • ideal for intricate, complex and highly customizable Hydrogel scaffold structures that can support cell adhesion and promote cell infiltration for tissue engineering 3D and for printing hydrogel scaffolds
  • absorbs more than 3-4 times its weight of water and/or alcohol without losing its original shape
  • ultra elastic with elongation >>300 % after overnight dipping in water and/or alcohol
  • hard and tough HT before dipping, Shore Hardness D80
  • fast swelling in water and alcohol
  • tack free finishes after light box postcuring
  • very high tensile strength >40 MPa before dipping
  • high rigidity (Young modulus >2000 MPa) to permit printing of thin rigid detailed parts, which will swell once inmersed in water or alcohol 
  • non brittle material that swells and becomes very soft while keeping its original shape
  • elongation <8% before dipping
  • high resolution
  • printable with VAM 3D printers
  • metal and organo-tin free
  • clear color
  • clean and postcure your 3D prints with Cleaning Fluid WS1 and Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio

After placing your order request the Instructions for Use "IFU" at: info@3Dresyns.com

*Note: addition of a suitable photo accelerant is required for printing in specific VAM printers