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3Dresyn VAM UHTD90, ultra hard & tough with Shore D90

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3Dresyn VAM UHTD90* has these features and benefits:

  • Ultra Hard and Tough (UHT)
  • ultra high flexural strength 130 MPa
  • high tensile strength >50 MPa
  • flexural modulus 2000-2500 MPa
  • High Deflection Temperature >100ºC
  • very high hardness & toughness. Shore D90
  • synthetic resin source
  • elongation <3%
  • isotropic clear and non yellowing for ophthalmic lenses
  • ideal for printing durable molds for injection temperatures up to 100ºC
  • durable
  • high impact resistance
  • very high resolution
  • very low shrinkage
  • printable by VAM 3D printers
  • organo-tin free

*Note: addition of a suitable photo accelerant is required for printing in specific VAM printers