3Dresyn WC clear color & bio-based

  • 150.00 €

3Dresyn WC Clear BIO has these features and benefits:

    • easy and fast water cleaning of 3D printed products and of the resin tank (vat)
    • 100% biocompatible
    • low tensile strength <5 MPa for not technically demanding applications
    • medium hardness (Young modulus <100 MPa)
    • elongation <20%
    • very low viscosity
    • very high resolution
    • very low shrinkage
    • printable by most commercial and professional SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers
    • increased durability of the resin tank
    • organo-tin free

* Our 3Dresyns have been designed to print in a broad range of printer settings. Nevertheless, our Print Quality Fine Tuners are recommended to fine tune our 3Dresyns to your specific printer settings. For moe info click here.