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Ceramic 3Dresyn CDP-LDT, Low Debinding Temperature & Water Soluble binder for Sintering Ceramic powders

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Ceramic 3Dresyn CDP-LDT WS has these features and benefits:

  • Low Debinding Temperature & Water Soluble binder for Sintering Ceramic, Metal and Polymer powders
  • ideal for low sintering temperature ceramic materials with high surface area and viscosity
  • part of the binder has low decomposition temperature c.180-220C, which is ideal for relatively low temperature debinding
  • part of the binder has higher decomposition temperature but exhibits good water solubility for fast debinding with cold or hot water 
  • part of the binder is easy to oxidise into small volatile molecules with oxidizers e.g. with Potassium permanganate acidic solutions
  • the overall binder system exhibits very fast debinding with water at room and at relatively low debinding temperature c.180-220ºC 
  • excellent dispersability and flow of post added micron and submicron ceramics, metals and polymer powders such as polyimide
  • the ceramic additions can be up to 50% volume concentrations 
  • water cleanable prints and water soluble binder for improved debinding with water
  • very high resolution 3D printing for very high detail and resolution applications
  • high print quality and speed with curing wavelengths up to 410 nm and higher upon request
  • controlled and reproducible process shrinkage which depends on final % powder and resin binder
  • minimum expansion coefficient to prevent micro-fractures
  • elongation <10%
  • relative low viscosity, good flow
  • very high resolution of 20 microns of final products
  • low shrinkage
  • printable by SLA DLP 3D printers
  • increased durability of the resin tank
  • organo-tin free
  • used in combination with our Adhesive Primer 3Dresyn AP1 for promoting adhesion on the build platform when high powder loads are used