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Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio for cleaning & postcuring water and non water soluble prints

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Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio is an ultra safe, pictogram free, cleaning fluid developed for cleaning and postcuring water and non water soluble 3D prints by inmersion or dipping.

It is biocompatible, safe, non flammable and does not cause the lost of the smell sense nor attacks plastic parts as isopropanol.

Its use is ideal in combination with Cleaning Fluid WS1 for cleansing and postcuring of water and non water soluble 3D prints.

Firstly, rinse as fast as possible the water soluble 3D prints in our Cleaning Fluid WS1 and if needed use a brush to remove any uncured resin from the prints.

Secondly, dip the prints in acetone for 5 seconds maximum and let the acetone evaporate. Once the acetone has evaporated,  dip the prints in a clear glass container filled up with Cleaning fluid WS2 Bio and postcure them in a light box until their surface is fully dry.

Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio has these features and benefits:

  • ultra safe, pictograms and risk free
  • high hydrophobicity:
  • ideal for postcuring water and non water soluble parts by dipping in a light box.
  • does not attack pastics parts
  • protects water soluble parts from dissolution or plastification

After placing your order request the Instructions for Use "IFU" at: info@3Dresyns.com

*Note: non water soluble 3D prints can also be rinsed and postcured  dipped in Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio. Use glass containers since our Cleaning Fluid WS2 Bio may dissolve plastic containers