Cast 3Dresyn Hard Waxy

Cast 3Dresyn Hard Waxy

  • 200.00 €

Cast 3Dresyn Hard Waxy has these features and benefits:

    • similar casting performance  to traditional hard wax
    • ideal for direct investment casting
    • more rigid and harder version of 3Dresyn Waxy
    • printable by commercial and professional SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers
    • negligible residual ash content <<0.001%
    • very low shrinkage
    • organo-tin free

3Dresyn Hard Waxy can be ordered with our special Hardness Adjuster additive 3Dresyn HA1 for detailed rigidity refinement.

3Dresyn HA1 is normally used up to 1-5 % maximum dosage (or more depending on printer and print specifications) and it is used for adjusting the rigidity of 3Dresyn Hard Waxy to your personal choice 


* Our 3Dresyns have been designed to print in a broad range of printer settings. Nevertheless, our Print Quality Fine Tuners recommended to fine tune our 3Dresyns to your specific printer settings. For more info click here.