Professional Cure Box for postcuring 3D prints

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Professional Curebox for postcuring 3D prints for maximum safety, optimum light power and temperature control to maximise cure, performance properties and biocompatibility.

This professional light box designed and manufactured by Wicked Engineering is a reliable and temperature controlled system for postcuring and fast aging your 3D prints to get maximum performance properties, biocompatibility and have a 100% pass in the cytotoxicity test.

Please learn more about the specifications of this professional light box by clicking on this link.

This cure box speeds up the maximum achievable cure of most 3D resins to approximate 1 hour and simulates the natural aging of your 3D prints which naturaly occurs in several days.

This is ideal for fast amending and prevention of any excessive undesired enbrittlement by aging, permitting re-adjustment and selection of 3D resins properties to get the desired and  optimum final mechanical properties.

The combination of our cleansing system / protocol* with this professional cure box is ideal for engineering and biomedical applications, including dental systems, to ensure that devices are fully cured and safe for use.

Our 3D resins when properly post cured and cleansed with our Cleaning Fluid, CureTester and Purification kit ensure a 100% pass in the cytotoxicity test. 

One litre of our Cleaning  Fluid and our Cure tester & Purification kit valued at 180 Euro in total will be included in this offer.