Value for money Light Curing Unit for curing and postcuring 3D prints

  • 250.00 €

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Value for money Light Curing Unit for curing and postcuring 3D prints.

Its durable LED of 20W power can last around 30.000 working hours and it is powerful enough for curing our 3D resins in seconds. It has 6500K (correlated color temperature CCT), so it has a relatively high percentage of blue light permitting the cure of any 3D resins curing in the Visible spectrum (from 400 nm to 700 nm).

This cost effective visible light curing unit is safe for sight since it does not emit ultraviolet light. It is ideal for fast curing and testing the mechanical properties of any 3D resins before printing them.

The position and height of the light curing unit can be easily adjusted (360 degrees with up and down-wards positions) to change the distance between the light and the 3D resin sample. Silicones molds or plastic cups can be used to keep the resins during the curing. Depending on the thickness or your minimum feature size of your 3D prints different weight (thickness) of resin can be added to the molds or cups to have a fast feeling of the hardness/softness of your prints before 3D printing them in your printer. Please ensure you leave the samples cure for at least 30-60 minutes to ensure that they are fully cured before testing their mechanical properties at your chosen thickness!

The combination of our cleansing system / protocol* with this light curing unit is ideal for curing and postcuring cost effectively any 3D resins for general purpose applications.

Our 3D resins when properly post cured and cleansed with our Cleaning Fluid, CureTester and Purification kit ensure its safety.

One litre of our Cleaning  Fluid and our Cure tester & Purification kit valued at 180 Euro in total will be included in this offer.


  • stock of the light curing unit is located in Spain
  • light curing units are ready for shipment inmediately after payment is received 
  • our general purpose cleansing and post curing protocol will be available upon request after placing the order.

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