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Microfluidic IJ 3D resins

Our Microfluidic 3Dresyns have been designed to be printed with Inkjet 3D printers.

Relative properties of our Microfluidic 3D resins printed with Inkjet printers:

  • relative print speed: HDT LV4>RLV1>RLV2>RLV3
  • relative resolution/precision: HDT LV4>RLV1>RLV2>RLV3
  • relative rigidity: HDT LV4>RLV1>RLV2>RLV3
  • relative flexibility RLV3 (foldable at 1-3 mm)>RLV2>RLV1>HDT LV4
  • relative viscosity: HDT LV4>RLV1>RLV2>RLV3
  • risk of clogging of microchannels: the support material will fill up the microchannels preventing clogging
  • cleaning easiness of microchannels: depends on the support used!
  • overall printability of thinner and thinner microchannels: HDT LV4>RLV1>RLV2>RLV3