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Legal terms (terms & conditions)

Terms and conditions

Received orders can be rejected by the Company if your order account misses your full name, identity or passport number and if applicable your Company full data and VAT number.

A continued use of 3Dresyns website www.3dresyns.com or the ordering of our products and services online of offline will be implied as acceptance to our legal terms

This statement covers the terms and conditions of use for all users of this website, products (including all the products supplied by 3Dresyns / Resyner Technologies S.L.) and services, which are owned by the Company. 

All of the contents, including texts, images, etc contained in this website (including sent emails, whatsapps, etc.) are supplied by the Company subject to your compliance with the terms and conditions shown below. 

The same applies to the ordered products which the buyer shall not analyse nor permit its analysis, nor obtain the chemical composition of the said order products in any way whatsoever; the Recipient shall not permit the analysis of the chemical composition of the  ordered products directly or indirectly through third parties.

By placing orders of our products and/or services, buyers, the "Recipients", are liable for any damages, losses exceeding the amount paid if any, for infringing these terms and conditions, which are agreed by the buyer/customer with the starting date of their first placed order as part of our terms of conditions for selling our products and services. Special attention will be given to the followiing:

  • the Recipient shall retain possession of the products on its premises, and shall not transmit the products or divulge any reports regarding the products to consultants or advisors;
  • the Recipient shall not analyse, have analysed, or obtain the chemical composition of the said products in any way whatsoever;
  • the Recipient shall not modify, or permit the nature or chemical composition of the products to be modified in any way whatsoever, except to the extent that such modification is inherent in its evaluation;
  • the Recipient shall evaluate the products using the highest level of precaution, and shall indemnify, defend, and hold the Company harmless from all liability in connection with accidents or incidents which may occur during the evaluation of the products

    If you do not agree with these terms and conditions of use, you should not use nor download any data nor order any products nor services from the Company. The supply of products and services can be rejected by the Company at any time or circunstances with the following limitation of liability.

    Limitation of liability

    In no event will the Company assume any responsibility for any damages that result from the use of this website, products and services. The use of this website, products and services is under your responsibility. Neither it shall be liable for any direct nor indirect damages resulting by the use or misuse of this website, products and services. In no event shall the Company will be liable for rejecting the supply of products and services at any time, nor for damages, losses, wrongs or negligence, exceeding the amount paid by you, if any, for using 3Dresyns´s website, products and services.

    Damage in transit and short shipment

    No responsibility is accepted by the Company for damaged products or short shipment when the courier or carrier has been given or signed a clean receipt. The buyer should unwrap or unbox the parcel for product inspection before accepting and signing the driver´s form since signing the driver’s form without adding a "damage or short shipment statement" will release the driver or the shipping company from taking responsibility for any missing or damaged products. The Company in this case cannot help the buyer to file a claim to recover the loss of the missing or damaged products. If the products without a doubt are missing or damaged, refuse to accept the products on the grounds that are missing or damaged. The buyer must indicate in writing on the driver’s release records: “shipment packaging is damaged and/or products are missing, detailing the missing product references and quantities: SKU´s*". In this event keep all packaging materials and contact both, the courier/carrier and the Company in writing within 3 working days. Please send us an email immediately to file a claim.

    *Note: SKU stands for “stock keeping unit” and as the name suggests, it is a number that it is assigned to identify and keep track of a distinct type of item for sale, such as a product or service, and all attributes or functionalities associated with the item type that distinguish it from other item types. For a product, these attributes can include manufacturer, description, material, size, color, functionality, packaging, etc.


    For European Union customers: online orders and payments of our 3Dresyns include your local tax and are Delivered Duty Paid (DDP). They may include or not full product value transit damage insurance for the value of goods depending of your chosen transport during online ordering.

    European customers with valid intrastat vats in VIES can be tax exempt if they pay offine by bank transfer after sending us a Puchasing Order PO.

    For non European Union customers: our 3Dresyn prices are tax free and are Delivered At Place (DAP) outside the European Union. They may include or not full product value transit damage insurance for the value of goods depending of your chosen transport. The buyer is responsible for paying import customs duties, which is a tariff or tax imposed on goods when transported across international borders. This tax is usually a small % of the declared goods value. Local taxes will have to be paid in the buyer's country before receiving the goods.

    Note: Most of our 3Dresyns have this US and other countries tariff HS Code: 39075000


    Discounts are only applicable for online and offline advance payments

    The Company provides these special discounts of 10%, 20% and 30% for orders above 1000, 2000 and 3000 Euro for any customer or reseller. Discounts are available during the check out of your online orders.

    • 10% discount for >1000 Euro orders. Discount code: Discount10%off>1000
    • 20% discount for >2000 Euro orders. Discount code: Discount20%off>2000
    • 30% discount for >3000 Euro orders. Discount code: Discount30%off>300
    • higher discounts are available for bulk order, which can be negotiated business-to-business "B2B"
    • some specific products may have lower or limited discounts. In these cases, the Company will inform you when applicable.
    • Discounts are applicable for grouped packaging as shown below in "Packaging" 


    Orders of several units of the same products will be automatically grouped and bottled in bigger bottles or jerrycans, unless the Company and the Customer agrees and negotiates beforehand the reselling of the products with the original 3Dresyns labels in the original bottle sizes shown on 3Dresyns website. In these cases, pricing, discounts, packaging, and terms & conditions will need to be negotiated offline B2B.

    Lead times

    Our reported lead times cannot be considered as an warranty but as an indication of our average approximate lead times. Despite most orders are made quite fast, in 1-2 days. and delivered to most countries in less than 3 days, any longer lead times cannot justify making any claims not justify any refunds.

    Expiration date

    Most of our made to order 3Dresyns have an expiration date of 12 months after manufacturing. Since manufacturing is made to order, the manufacturing date coincides with the invoice date for expiration date control. 3D resins shelf life does not expire so quickly, having in practice for most resins shelf life above 2-3 years if kept in the dark protected from light and heat, below 35ºC. Some specialty resins may have a shorter shelflife, which will be shown on the product information.

    Compatibility with your printer

    Some of our uni and multifunctional SLA, DLP, LCD and Inkjet 3D resins may need tuning in your specific printer to get optimum overall perfomance (printability, resolution, mechanical properties, etc). Some "black box" printers, in open or closed mode, such as the Formlabs Form 2 and 3 and some Inkjet printers, may also require tuning or adjustment for optimum printing performance (printing speed and resolution adjustment) to meet your specific printing specifications, such as your chosen z layer thickness at your specific printer power, etc). It is highly recommended to learn to use at least our basic general purpose fine tuning additives, such as Fine Tuner FT1 and Fine Tuner LB1 Bio for fine adjusting of printing speed and resolution, specially with our multifuntional 3Dresyns in "black box" printers.

    Offline payments by bank transfer 

    • For payments by bank transfer please send us an email to info@3dresyns.com with your Purchasing Order (PO)

    Offline payment options subject to eligibility:

    • advance payment before order delivery:
      • Discounts are applicable
      • There is no surcharge
      • Minimum Order Quantity MOQ is 250 Euro
    • deferred payment after order delivery:
      • Discounts are not applicable
      • There is a 10% surcharge applied to the sum of ordered products (excluded transport cost and VAT if applicable)
      • Minimum Order Quantity MOQ is 250 Euro

    Refund policy


    "3Dresyns" referred as the “Company” does not accept refunds nor returns for any already produced products because they are made to order. In case the products have not been made yet, they can be exchanged by other products with at least the same value.

    Exchange Process

    Send us an email to info@3Dresyns.com and ask us for an exchange authorization and provide your order number.

    We will confirm you by email either accepting or declining the exchange. If accepted, we will exchange the products and will send you a proforma invoice with your final order. 

    Privacy Policy


    The Company values our visitors’ privacy. This Privacy Policy sumarizes what information we might collect from a visitor to our website and what we will and will not do with it.

    Please note that this Privacy Policy does not include the collection and use of information by companies that the Company does not control, nor by persons not employed or related directly or indirectly to the Company.

    Personal information

    The Company will not share any personal information to any third party without your permission and will protect your information from loss, misuse and/or unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

    The Company may disclose public, non proprietary information, only when necessary to third parties related to the delivery of ordered products, e.g. shipping companies, authorized agents and distributors.

    The Company may gather other information to improve our website and customer service.

    The Company uses Google analytics for traffic analysis and SEO optimization:



    The Company uses “cookies” to store personal data on your computer and on our server. To avoid this you can easily block the use of cookies by adjusting your browser settings, this might block the use of some features of www.3Dresyns.com

    How we gather information

    We gather and use personal information for the following reasons:

    • to improve customer service and our website
    • to process orders and deliveries
    • to send mails and newsletters

    Your email address used for order processing, will only be used to send you information and updates related to your orders and to answer other requests or questions. If you want to be included in our mailing list, you may receive emails related to our SLA/DLP resin 3Ds business.  If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, you may request it by reply.

    External data storage sites

    We may store your information on servers provided by third party hosting vendors. Private data exchange between our website and you happens over a SSL secured communication channel and is encrypted and protected with digital signatures.

      Ownership of contents

      The contents of the website  (including sent emails, whatsapps, etc.) are owned by the Company. You may not distribute, modify, reproduce or use any of this data, in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of the Company except that you may download information for your non-commercial, personal use only, provided you keep intact all copyright and other proprietary information.


      This website and its contents, including image and picture colors, are provided without any warranties permissible by applicable law. www.3Dresyns.com disclaims all warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement of intellectual property rights. The Company does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the contents or services provided at this website.


      The terms herein shall be governed in accordance with the Spanish Law and the Jurisprudence of the Courts of Barcelona. Information and Data in this website are subject to change without notice. Inventory of some products is limited to stock availability.

      Company data

      • Company name: Resyner Technologies S.L.
      • Registered fiscal address: G. V. de las C. Catalanas 640, 08007 Barcelona Spain
      • Registered brand names: 3Dresyns and Resyner Technologies
      • Company registered VAT: ES B66858788
      • Contact email: info@3dresyns.com