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About 3Dresyns

3Dresyns, the commercial brand of the company Resyner Technologies S.L. "Resyner", is an innovative online supplier of multifunctional and biocompatible photopolymer 3D resins for Stereolithography SLA, DLP, LCD & Inkjet 3D printing (and for other macro, micro and nano fabrication techniques) for modelling, prototyping and end use production of functional materials for domestic consumers, professional, industrial and biomedical applications. The company also provides resin customisation and printing consultation services for 3D and 2D resin systems, such as 100% solids, water based and UV printing inks and coatings. 


COLLECTION: Best 3D resins for Engineering, Orthodontic, Dental , Biocompatible and Jewelry applications (SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printing)

COLLECTION: Resins for printing durable, sacrificial molds, injection, casting, viscous / hot lithography, and COVID (SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printing)

COLLECTION: Consulting for printing and custom resin design (all printing processes)