3Dresyns supplies products and services to a broad range of markets and to around 3000 customers in more than 50 countries since its launch in 2017, from hobby home users to around 300 of the World´s top universities and research institutes. 

3Dresyns is also working in specific 3D projects with few companies, organisations, institutions, and universities, which goals and contents cannot be disclosed to protect our customer base and to fully comply with confidentiality or Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

3Dresyns also supplies, directly and indirectly through our customers, 2D and 3D resins and services to different companies, institutions, and universities. The list of publishable collaborators, customers and final users includes the world-renowned NASALos AlamosMIT, Harvard University, ESRF, DESY, etc.

The following are around 300 examples (around 10% of our customer base) of companies, universities, and institutions to whom we supply our products and services, directly or indirectly through our intermediary customers, since 2017, when 3Dresyns started its dynamic business activity, which it has resulted in over 50 world-renowned innovations and achievements




































































Institute of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology