Received orders can be rejected by 3Dresyns, commercial brand and online shop of Resyner Technologies S.L, the "Company", if the "Recipient" account misses its full name, identity or passport number and if applicable the Recipient  full data and if applicable the VAT number.

For online ordering, or for getting a quote, create a customer account with all the info that needs to appear on your invoice:
  • After placing orders invoices cannot be modified
  • Ensure that both the shipping and fiscal addresses are correct
  • For non European Union buyers prices are VAT free and are Delivered At Place (DAP) outside the European Union
  • European companies with valid intrastat VAT can request for VAT exemption by email at: only before ordering
    • European customers (not from Spain since we are located in Spain) representing registered companies with VAT validated in VIES can request for VAT tax exemption for their online orders. Then, their 3Dresyns accounts will be allowed for online ordering without taxes. Ensure that you request for VAT exemption (if entitled) before online ordering since VAT refunding cannot be applied afterwards for orders placed online despite having a valid intrastat VAT

3Dresyns basic terms and conditions include policies for setting out the basic conduct principles that should regulate the online and offline relationships between the buyer, the "Recipient", and the Company: buyers must conduct in a manner consistent with the standards of behaviour that preserves respectful treatment. For more info read: Buyer conduct.

The buyer, the "Recipient", will not at any time make, publish or communicate to any person or entity or in any public forum any defamatory or disparaging remarks, comments or statements concerning the Company or its businesses, or any of its employees, officers, and existing and prospective customers, suppliers, investors and other associated third parties. For more info read: Non Defamation & Non Disparagement

A continued use of 3Dresyns website and/or the ordering of our products and services online or offline will be implied as acceptance to our legal terms. This statement covers the basic terms and conditions of use for all users of this website, products, including all the products supplied by the Company and services, which are owned by the Company. All of the contents, including texts, images, etc contained in this website (including sent emails, whatsapps, etc). are supplied by the Company subject to your compliance with our terms and conditions and legal terms.

The same applies to the ordered products which the Recipient shall not analyse nor permit their analysis, nor obtain the chemical composition of the said order products in any way whatsoever; the Recipient shall not permit the analysis of the chemical composition of the ordered products directly or indirectly through third parties. For more info read: prohibition against reverse engineering and penalties.

By placing orders of our products and/or services, the "Recipient", is liable for any damages, losses exceeding the amount paid if any, for infringing these terms and conditions (legal terms), which are agreed by the Recipient with the starting date of their first placed order as part of our terms of conditions (legal terms) for selling our products and services. 

    If Recipient does not agree with these terms and conditions (legal terms) of use, the Recipient should not use, nor download any data, nor order any products, nor services from the Company. The supply of products and services can be rejected by the Company at any time or circunstances.