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Dental 3Dresyns

Our SLA, DLP & LCD 3Dresyns for printing Orthodontics and Dental devices with SLA, DLP & LCD printers are shown in the icons below in the footer.

Direct printing of aligners with affordable SLA DLP LCD printers:

  • Printing of dental aligners by SLA, DLP, LCD printers at low room temperature but also at medium and high printing temperature: 50ºC for improved performance: higher aligner durability
  • Direct printing of aligners with our new biocompatible and functional 3D resins.  3 versions are available for printers working at relatively low, medium and high temperature:

Discover our portfolio of Dental SLA 3D resins for direct printing of:

    Watch this video of 3Dresyn OD RDB MF Rigid Denture Base, Monomer Free Gingiva colorideal 3D reisn for printing durable rigid denture bases

    Watch this video of 3Dresyn OD FDB Flexible Denture Base in Gingiva colorideal SLA 3D resin for printing durable flexible denture bases

     Watch this video of 3Dresyn OD-Clear T&C for printing Tough & Comfortable night guards and splints pliable under pressure at low thickness <1.5 mm

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