3Dresyns SLS main powders for SLS printing, nylon 11 white, nylon 12 white, and ThemoPlastic Elastomer TPE black, have been designed to exhibit similar printing settings than the existing commercial products with the same composition and color. 

As our products (nylon 11, nylon 12, and TPE (PEBA type)) have the same printing parameters as equivalent commercial products, it facilitates product replacement without any calibration problems.

These fast and accurate Instructions for Use "IFU" can be used for printing 3Dresyns SLS powders with most SLS printers: 

SLS 3D Printing process

1. Calibration

  •  calibrate 3Dresyns SLS powder in your SLS printer by printing 3Dtest1, 3Dresyns flat coin, for fast optimisation of the resolution and printing settings
  • each SLS printer will require different printing settings, printing times, etc depending on the composition and specifications of the chosen SLS powder and printer
  • slice the 3Dtest1 file into layers with the standard printing settings of your closest equivalent SLS powder
  • sends the instructions (sliced STL file) to the printer 

2. Printer setup

  • printer setup varies and depends on each SLS printer system

3. SLS printing

  • follow the manual and IFU for the equivalent SLS powder material of your SLS printer manufacturer before printing

4. Post processing

  • After printing wait until the build chamber cools down before post-processing to prevent  warping of prints. 
  • remove the prints from the build chamber
  • clean prints: remove manually excess powder. This process is typically completed manually and with compressed air
  • smooth grainy prints if needed with Cleaning Fluid WS1 for cleaning and smoothing prints
  • recycle the excess unfused powder by filtration and re-use it by mixing it with fresh SLS powder for next print jobs