Volumetric additive manufacturing with dinamically evolving light patterns

Volumetric additive manufacturing with dinamically evolving light patterns is an innovative 3D printing technology based on the 3D printing of objects by illuminating a rotating volume of a photo reactive resin system with dinamically evolving light patterns.

Conventional layer by layer deposition printing technologies of existing SLA, DLP, LCD and inkjet printing systems may have several quality limitations such as anisotropy, reflected in differential morphology between the cured layer and its interlayer interface, suffering potential interlayer mechanical weakness in the z layer direction.

This new  Volumetric  Additive Manufacturing (VAM) technique is capable of simultaneously fabricating all points of a 3D object by Computed Axial Lithography (CAL), as reported by Brett E. Kelly and several coauthors:

The 3Dresyns team has the expertise to custom design Volumetric Additive Manufacturing 3D resins for different VAM printers and for your specific 3D printer setup, to meet specific performance properties and benefits, such as:

  • isotropic mechanical properties and morphology
  • excellent printability of low flow high viscous resins
  • availability of colors suitable for VAM
  • excellent printability of sticky resins,  well known for their difficult printability by conventional layer by layer 3D printing systems
  • excellent printability of high flow low viscosity monomers and resins, after controlled rheological chemical "thickening"  to increase the yield value viscosity or minimum stress to initiate flow of the resin, to avoid print shape deformation during volume rotation 
  • excellent printability of 100% safe, natural and biocompatible materials
  • ideal for printing safe "monomer free" 3d resins for biomedical and dental applications
  • availability of a broad range of fine tuning additives (synthetic and  bio-based accelerants, light blockers and reaction inhibitors,  to adjust materials functionality, printability, print speed and resolution, to varied light sources such as LED DLP projectors with different wavelengths (365, 385, 405 nm and higher) and print settings (variable energy dosage, mJ/cm2, power, mW/cm2 and exposure time)
  • Engineering, physical and chemical control of amospheric oxygen diffussion and depletion rate

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