Overall Features & Benefits of our functional SLA, DLP and LCD 3Dresyns for engineering:

  • similar in performance to the best conventional plastics, such as PEEK, Nylon, PC, etc. 
  • based on safe environmentally friendly bioplastics and can even be printed with low cost printers at room temperature (Low Viscosity LV versions).     
  • high viscosity HV versions can be ordered for improved mechanical performance with heated printers
  • professional and hobby SLA, DLP & LCD printers can be used straight away -without any printer modifications with our Low Viscosity LV versions
  • our LV versions are ready to print at room temperature in most SLA, DLP & LCD printers. They exhibit higher mechanical properties than most competitor´s resins
  • our High Viscosity HV versions are ready to print at relatively higher temperature (25-40ºC) in most SLA, DLP & LCD printers. They exhibit even higher mechanical properties than LV versions
  • both versions are ultra safe, do not contain any VOC´s and exhibit ultra high mechanical performance
  • affordable professional heating systems can be easily installed in any printer for less than 50 Euro