Free Hints:

  • most of our resins can be printed with most commercial SLA, DLP & LCD printers, including:
    • low cost (100-1000 Euro) LCD printers, such as Anycubic, or any other brand of LCD printers
    • high precision DLP printers, such as Asiga
    • laser SLA printers, such as Formlabs
  • low cost (50 Euro) heating units permit printing with constant temperature at 25-40ºC our best 3D resin versions:  HV or High Viscosity resins, which exhibit superior toughness
  • washing and post processing of colored and clear "non hazy" prints can be automated with our Instructions for Use IFU for ultra gloss and transparency with even low cost (100 Euro) wash and cure stations, such as the Anycubic Wash & Cure machine, or any other light box brand. Get a second extra washing container for fast & easy implementation of our IFU
  •  low cost light meter (50 Euro) for measuring the real light power of your printer and for monitoring its power decay upon use:
    • depending on the power of your printer, the optimum exposure times will increase or decrease. Follow our Fast Instructions for Use "IFU" or our Detailed Instructions for Use:
      • measure and fill up the data, cure thickness vs exposure time, in the curing rate table for your specific printer specifications. 
      • the curing rate table for each ordered 3D resin cured at 405 nm with a similar light power to your printer can be optionally ordered online for 40 Euro.
      • for exact values we recommend you ordering the same light meter as ours, since the ordered curing rate table can be much more accurate after sharing your exact printer power. This will permit the 3Dresyns team to measure the curing rate table accurately with the same power as yours for fast & easy finding your optimum printing settings
  • the recommended value for money (<500 Euro in total) printer setup, which includes printer, heater, temperature controller, light meter, and wash & cure machine is ideal for beginners and professional production
  • we do not get any commission for these hints and recommendations
    • most of our 3D resins can be printed with affordable open mode printers as well as with closed mode printers 

Compatibility of 3Dresyns with low cost 3D printers

Our 3Dresyns are compatible with most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers using lasers, DLP projectors and multicolor and monochrome LCD panels with light wavelengths between 150-420 nm, and up to 500 nm with our visible photo accelerant additives. They are made to order for most SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers, including Formlabs Form 2 & Form 3, and low cost LCD printers with prices from 100 Euro upwards.

Our "made to order" 3D resins come as standard ready to print for your printer specifications. You will be pleased to find that their performance (printability and mechanical properties) far exceeds our competitor’s resins.

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Problems with black box printers

If you are fighting with your existing printer in a "black box" approach (unlock the black box), and need better results, or if you do not have a printer yet, or need a new one, and do not know yet which printer to buy? Then, you may consider ordering our 3D printing consulting services for recommending you the best printer and post processing setup for your needs and budget. Our recommended printing setups range from hobby to professional, from low to high budgets, according to your specific needs. If you need consulting for getting a custom 3D printer setup discover our:

  • Full 3D Printing System consulting services
  • We do not get any commision from any printer manufacturers for recommending their printers. We will charge you for our impartial and fair know-how consulting for helping you to design the best printer setup for your needs!