Direct investment casting for Jewelry

Our new Direct investment Casting SLA, DLP, LCD & Inkjet 3Dresyns Perfect Cast are ideal for very high detail investment castings, micro detail Jewelry and any fine detail casting applications.

3Dresyn Perfect Cast has been designed for Direct investment Casting "DC" or “lost wax casting” giving easy and direct making of investment castings of your 3D prints in standard ceramic gypsum plasters, without the need of replicating master models with standard wax.

Our new 3Dresyn Perfect Cast exhibits these features and benefits:

  • very high resolution (up to 20 microns) for very high detail Jewelry and other very fine detail applications
  • excellent print quality and speed
  • excellent burn out with negligible residuals (residual ash content <0,0001%)
  • no shrinkage during 3D printing
  • no expansion during burn out
  • safe, bio based, without any risk pictograms
  • made from renewable resources
  • perfect finishes, without any imperfections during burn out


It provides high quality finishes along with standard and fast burn out procedures and it is ideal in Jewelry and other applications where intricate and detail finishes are required.

3Dresyn Perfect Cast burns out without any imperfections. Its overall excellent performance properties, especially a fast, easy and clean burn out makes it ideal for direct investment casting. It leaves negligible residual ash in the investment mold.

Our 3Dresyns Perfect Cast are compatible with most SLA, DLP, LCD & Inkjet 3D printers and different light sources: including laser, LEDs, DLPs and LCDs with curing wavelengths between 250-410 nm and low, medium and high power light sources.

Our new 3Dresyns Perfect Cast can be ordered online!!

  • Available in magenta, cyan, yellow and natural white!
  • Small value for money samples of 250, 500 and 1000 mL!!

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3Dresyn Perfect Cast for Low Power SLA, DLP & LCD Printers

3Dresyn Perfect Cast for High Power SLA DLP Printers 

3Dresyn IJ Perfect Cast for Inkjet Printers

3Dresyn IJ Perfect Cast Wax  for Wax Inkjet Printers