Direct investment casting DC for jewelry

Our investment casting Cast 3Dresyns are ideal for very high detail investment castings, micro detail jewerly and applications, including dental, arts, etc.

Cast 3Dresyns are used for direct investment casting or “lost wax casting” giving easy and direct making of investment castings of your 3D prints in ceramic plaster, without the need of replicating master models with standard wax.

Our DC Cast 3Dresyns exhibit these features and benefits:

  • very high resolution (up to 20 microns) for very high detail jewelry and other very fine detail applications
  • high print quality and speed
  • excellent burn out with negligible residuals (residual ash content <0,001%)
  • minimum shrinkage during 3D printing
  • minimum expansion coefficient during burn out


Cast 3Dresyns DCS and DCH provide high quality finishes along with standard burn out procedures and are ideal in jewellery, dental and other applications where intricate and detail finishes are required.

Cast 3Dresyns DCS and DCH burn out without significant expansion or risk of breaking the walls of the investment.

Their overall excellent performance properties, especially an easy and clean burn out makes them ideal for direct investment casting DC.

Cast 3Dresyns DCS and DCH leave negligible residual ash in the investment mold.

Cast 3Dresyn DCS is a bit softer than Cast 3Dresyn DCH which is harder. Both are recommended for very high detail finishes with resolutions up to 20 microns.

Cast 3Dresyns DCS and DCH are compatible with most SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers and different light sources: including laser, LEDs, DLPs and LCDs with curing wavelengths between 250-410 nm (and up to 440 nm with Fine Tuner FT2 Visible) and low, medium and high power light sources.


 Cast 3Dresyn Waxy is a new wax like soft resin printable with high quality SLA DLP & LCD 3D printers. Most commercial castable 3D resins are thermosets, which leave significant residual ash creating imperfections causing loss of fine detail.

Cast 3Dresyn Waxy is a thermoplastic resin developed to overcome the mentioned typical burn out problems: "excessive ash residue" occurring with the state of the art technology.

Cast 3Dresyn Waxy has very low viscosity (<<50 mPas) but once printed is medium soft thermoplastic which has relatively low burn out temperature range and short burn out cycles to replace the wax used in conventional Jewelry and dental applications. Due to its relatively low  degradation temperature, chalking is minimised to ensure an excellent clean burning in the normal upside down position leaving negligible residual ash even at short burn out cycles e.g. 4 hours at 730ºC. 

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