Made to order

Our 3Dresyns are "made to order", fresh, with maximum shelf life, to your specifications and sent directly to you, without intermediaries, in just few days after ordering them online in just few clicks! 

Over 90% of the orders are made in <1-2 days and shipped to most countries in 2-3 days by air freight transport with DHL Express with final average delivery lead times to most countries of 3-5 days:

  • in Europe: an average of 2 days transit time with shipping DHL Express 
  • the rest of the World has an average transit time of 3 days with DHL Express
  • longer delivery times will be needed when the company is closed for holidays or maintenance, which it is normally announced in the announcement horizontal bar, the orange color header, positioned on the top of the website
  • offline orders piad by bank transfer can be supplied with alternative lower cost courier services for big orders delivered by sea or by road transport.

    3Dresyns Ordering Process: online ordering 


    • free samples of liquid or printed resins are not available nor supplied
    • alternatively, promotional packs for some 3Dresyns collections can be ordered online
    • free samples of Fine Tuner FT1 & LB1 will be sent if necessary (discretionarily by the 3Dresyns team) for adjusting printing speed and resolution with specific printing systems such as in some closed mode "black box" printers 

    Prices and discounts

    • prices for customers and resellers are the same since discounts depend on order size
    • online discounts of 10%, 20% and 30% for orders above 1000, 2000 and 3000 Euro for any customer or reseller
    • discounts are available during the check out of your online orders. Write your applicable discount code for your specific order size:
      • 10% discount for >1000 Euro orders. Discount code: 8GWRXRM9CN46
      • 20% discount for >2000 Euro orders. Discount code: 5YJJYJT6MB1K
      • 30% discount for >3000 Euro orders. Discount code: E08EGAXPET3F
    • Discounts are only applicable for advance payments
    • higher discounts are available for bulk orders, which can be negotiated business-to-business "B2B"
    • some specific products may have lower or limited discounts. In these cases, the Company will inform you when applicable
    • discounts are applicable only to physical products, not to services, such as trainings and consulting services
    • discounts are applicable only for grouped packaging

    About VAT 

    • European customers (not from Spain since we are located in Spain) representing registered companies with VAT validated in VIES can request by email at: for VAT tax exemption before ordering online. Then, their 3Dresyns accounts will be allowed for online ordering without taxes
    • For non European Union buyers: prices are VAT/tax free and are Delivered At Place (DAP) outside the European Union

    Payments by bank transfer

    Do you need a Quote before ordering? send us an email at: to request a quote or directly send us your Purchasing Order "PO".  We will reply back asap with a quote or due invoice. Remember to send us the order approval and confirmation to process your order: