The 3Dresyns team has the expertise to custom design 4D (3D + time) printing systems: reversible 3D printed shape memory "smart" resins with these features and benefits:

  • one & two way 4D printing: irreversible (one-way) shape memory and reversible (two-way) shape memory with stimuli such as:
    • heating and cooling (thermo responsive) 
    • chemicals (chemo responsive)
    • light (photo responsive)
    • electricity (electro responsive)
    • etc...
  • repeatable & durable after continous recovery cycles
  • biocompatible and biodegradable suitable for biomedical devices
  • excellent printability on professional 3D printers
  • very high resolution 
  • very low shrinkage
  • organo-tin free

Discover our ready to use thermo responsive 4D resins for SLA, DL & LCD printing