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Safety Benefits of our 3Dresyns

"Our 3Dresyns are safe* if used as per our instructions for hobby, professional printers and final users.

The new generation of our 3Dresyns is ultra safe and includes 3D resins which do not contain any monomer content as supplied. They are 100% biocompatible "monomer free" and biodegradable resins, which have been designed to meet the highest safety and biocompatibility standards. These products are non labeled with toxic pictograms because they are ultra safe for handling, end users and disposal.

3Dresyns is the first and unique 3D resin supplier developing ultra safe "monomer free" biocompatible 3D resins with non toxic risk pictograms. 


*Note: some resins can/may cause skin and eye irritation, etc (read the MSDS of each material before handling them)