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3D printing consulting

If you are fighting with your existing printer in a "black box" approach and feel that you need more control and understanding of the fundamental 3D printing variables affecting the performance, reliability and reproducibility of your work or in case that you do not have a printer yet or need a new one and do not know yet which printer to buy? Then, you may consider ordering our 3D consulting and training services for helping you to choose the right 3D Printing System for your specific needs and goals, which include recommendations of all the required instrumentation, tools, materials, instructions and training for professional 3D printing.

Our value for money full printer setups recomendations vary in price from 600-1000 Euro upwards and are purchased directly by you from the original suppliers. They include printer, cleaning, postcuring units and all the needed tools for professional printing.

Do not you think that the available real light power across the vat and its monitorization are more important than the "generic" light source power in Watts reported by most 3D printers? you should acknowledge that only a fraction of the energy consumption by the printer is used for curing the resin.

You should also know that any light source naturally decays over time affecting the printability of any photoreactive 3D resin. Some light sources, such as laser or LED sources have longer lifetimes than lamp projectors.  LCD and MLCD screens used in low cost LCD printers degrade by the effect of light and heat, decaying is light transmittance over time.

Which is the acceptable compromise between performance and cost? do not you want to extend the lifetime of a LCD screen from 2000 hours to up to 3000 hours or more as per our instructions?

3D resins require a minimum energy and time for curing and printing. Our consulting services will teach you the basics to have a clear understanding of the fundamental 3D printing principles.  

Do not you think that for having consistent printing performance your printer system needs a constant light power over time for printing? We can consult you to get constant light power outputs even with low cost printers with our printing setups and instructions.

The following graph shows the typical light output decay vs cumulative operating time of standard multicolor RGB LCD panels, monochrome LCD panels, digital lamp projectors and LED projectors, all typically used in SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers. 

Most printers have not prevented their light power decay over time nor disclose this basic information, which it is crucial for professional printing.

Contract our services if you feel a bit lost among the huge offering of "me too, similar black box" printers or if you have the need for having a deeper understanding and control of the 3D printing basics for choosing a reliable and predictable over time 3D printer.  

We can help you to get the best 3D printer setup /configuration for your budget with all the basic tools and materials for start printing professionally straight away with maximum quality and safety performance.

Our Special Offer of Full 3D Printing Systems is an ideal solution for amateur and professional printing since our 3D printer setups, recommendations and instructions cover all the basic scientific aspects for 3D printing professionally straight away.

Do not waste your time with black box unreliable 3D printer systems which do not provide the minimum scientific basics for providing consistent performance over time.

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Note: Discounts are not applicable for consulting services, which can be ordered by email at: info@3Dresyns.com
From 3,000.00 €