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3D resins for Formlabs printers

Compatibility with Formlabs printers

Most of our 3Dresyns are "ready to print" in the Form 2 in open mode using Formlabs Clear v2 and in the Form 3 using Standard Clear or Grey settings with a universal cartridge.

Some multifunctional 3Dresyns may need tuning with our Fine Tuner FT1 and LB1 Biowhich will be supplied for free as samples when needed, to print them in specific printing specifications, such as specific z layers.

Our 3Dresyns can be divided in two groups: basic and multifunctional resins:

  • Basic 3Dresyns are our standard 3D resins before any optional extra functionality is added online by you during ordering. After functional additives are added to our basic 3Dresyns they become multifunctional 3Dresyns, which require more expertise and control of their 3D printing settings.

Keep in mind that over 2000 colors and up to 4 functional additives among around 50 can be added online to over 2200 basic 3Dresyns for online custom design of ready to use of billions of materials choices.

Additionally, around 50 functional additives can also be purchased separately for their addition by your own at your chosen dosage to meet your exact specifications.

This optional multifunctional offering may appear overwhelming to newcomers to 3D printing. If you want to keep it simple, then do not add any of the optional functional additives to your order. Just ignore the bunch of offered "optional" options!

If you want to play and need specific functionality or performance to meet your unmet needs, then explore our impressive multifunctional offering!

Due to this challenging multifunctional 3D resins offering, "black box" printers and specially closed mode printers, such as the Formlabs Form 2 and 3, may require further tuning or adjustment for optimum printing performance (tuning of printing speed and resolution) at your specific printing specifications, such as your chosen z layer thickness.

Our 3Dresyns may be easily tuned or adjusted by you for optimum printing speed and resolution with our Fine Tuners FT1 and LB1 Bio:

  • Fine Tuner FT1 is our favourite general purpose "photoaccelerant" which has been designed to adjust and boost the print speed of our 3Dresyns to different SLA, DLP & LCD 3D printers working with ultraviolet and visible wavelengths up to 410 nm . 
  • Fine Tuner LB1 Bio is our general purpose clear resolution increaser or resolution-er, which has been designed for improving resolution and detail of prints by reducing light bleeding and undesired overcure of our clear and colored resins. It is recommended for improving XYZ resolution and reducing overcure and "support fusing or merging" of clear and colored 3D resins in SLA, DLP & LCD printers working with lights from 350 to 410 nm,  including 405 nm LEDs, lasers and standard DLP projectors and LCDs. An ultra low water absorption version is also available: Fine Tuner LB1 Bio ULWA

Note: If you still need certain specific performance to suit your individual printer settings and specific product design, then we offer even more fine tuning additives, such as around 9 resolutioners for improving the resolution or detail of your 3D prints and around 7 photoaccelerants for adjusting the printing speed, and even more detailed consulting services that will help you to enhance those properties.

Discover this special offer of our new value for money 3Dresyns ENG3 Bio in Grey or Black color ready to print at 400 Euro for 5 L orders: